Diff types of astrology

Only rishis know the exact route under the temple to get those original horoscope readings. From the ancient times, astrology has stretched its wings to different types of sectors and those are mentioned below:. Astrology deals with the signs and based on it the predictions are concluded.

Whether a person believes it or not, the fact is this science is really interesting when analyzing in-depth.

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As because everyone wants to know about their future prior! So, get some quick know-how on how your life will leads you with the prominent Astrologers in town! I was unaware of so many types of astrology. The exact placement-positioning of all the planets at the time of the birth of native is called Astrology birth chart or simply natal birth chart.

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An Astrology Chart reading is like a life manual. The shape, wholistic or outer structure of an Astrology Chart can differ, for example, it can be rectangular or circle type. The use of any Astrology Chart type depends region-wise. In the modern-day, any person can easily extract his-her Chart on the internet, with just the input of his-her date-time-place of birth details.

Different types of astrology

Astrology Chart is also known by other names such as natal birth chart as above , horoscope birth chart. The Astrology Chart can determine all aspects of life, such as education, health , mental peace, job, business , career, profession , wealth, matchmaking , marriage, love , childbirth, parents, family , migration, vehicle, and so forth. A native can leverage the good part of the Astrology Chart reading, and a native can take precautionary measures towards any threats or weaknesses. However, if a native does not know about his-her exact date-time of birth, then there are other Astrology methods like on consultation with estimations, but the outcome result may not be as good or accurate as of the ones with precise date-time-place of birth.

Rahu and Ketu are not commonly used in Western Astrology.

Western Astrology also regards extreme outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in their Chart system; whereas, in the Indian Astrology, though these planet names are mentioned in scriptures, such as Uranus is called Arun, but the use or inference is less. Though there are numerous charts in Astrology that are used in different parts of the world, some of the common ones are discussed below.

Commonly, Rashi-horoscope or Ascendant-Lagna Chart and Navamsa Chart are interpreted side-by-side due to the importance of both.

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Navamsa Chart is a divisional Chart that is further divided into subparts. The main purpose is to further fine-tune the outcome of Chart interpretation and result.

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Navamsa Chart is also called the D9 Chart. Sanskrit word Nav means 9. Another type is the Lal Kitab Astrology Chart that is also useful for remedies to problems. Each decan has its own ruling planet and lasts for 10 days. Each sign is based on gods and goddesses from ancient Egyptian mythos such as Amon-Ra, Anubis, Horus and Osiris among others.

Your individual sign represents your character, behavior, and skills. Each sign is equal to three decans for a total of thirty days. While two people can share the same sign, their distinct decan, and different ruling planet would influence their personality drastically.

Native Americans used nature as their main source of inspiration.

They associated nearly every aspect of life, including birth symbols, with living creatures around them. An important part of Native American culture is their representations of animals, especially as it relates to their concept of the zodiac. They shared a deep spiritual connection with nature and understood it played a crucial part in understanding the cosmos.

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Curious about what your zodiac is in each culture? Take a look at the linked sites below to find more about your zodiac and the traits associated with it. Native American. Our fascination with the night sky and love for writing led us to combine both and create our Zodiac Collection. Order one for yourself or the horoscope fanatic you know.